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We are dedicated Apple II users who love any version of the Apple II. We have expertise not only in the Apple II, but also the Macintosh and a little bit in Wintel PC's (mostly for file exchanges). Our club owns an Apple IIe, an Apple IIc+ and an Apple IIgs, and at our meeting site we have access to Wintel PC's running Windows 3.1/98. We have access to all sorts of Apple II software and utilities, and can even do minor Apple II hardware repairs.

Classic Apple II AppleWorks is our main productivity software, and we have copies of versions 1.0 through 5.1. We also have access to all of the Beagle Bros. TimeOut & UltraMacros enhancements to AppleWorks. Troubleshooting AppleWorks is one of our specialties and can usually be done on the spot at our monthly meeting.

We have resource lists for hard-to-find Apple II software and hardware and have extensive experience in installing same. If a program ran on an Apple II, we probably know something about it.

Some Apple II software, and some versions of the 8-bit operating system (ProDOS), have minor problems with Y2K. We have the capability to update ProDOS for Y2K and to update most versions of AppleWorks. The Apple IIgs and its system of 16-bit software is already Y2K compliant. We can provide copies of the latest operating system software for both the Apple IIe/c and the Apple IIgs.

We welcome you to our meetings where we can share our love for the Apple II with you and maybe even help you with your Apple II in the bargain!