Tucson Macintosh Users Group
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September 18, 2019 Meeting at Banner University Medical Center, 1501 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ
* 6 - 7 PM - Combined "Ask the Experts" Session – Includes any topic of interest to newer users; Duval Auditorium.  * 7 - 9 PM - Program topics: Tech & Security Updates, Apple "September 10th Event" Highlights, & Bonus Tips TBA; Duval Auditorium.  Click on header above for additional details.  Also click on the header above to see our special raffle item for the month.  And as always, we conclude with a raffle of handy Apple-related items.

Tucson Macintosh Users Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q & A

This page gives info on how to use TMUG's features and facilities.

For info on the mission, goals, history and operation of TMUG, click here.

We often get questions about our group and its operation. If you have a question not answered below, please contact us.

What's in TMUG for me?
Primarily, TMUG provides a place for face-to-face and electronic contacts with other Macintosh and iOS users in Tucson and the surrounding area. Members use TMUG for many purposes, most notably technical support, troubleshooting, training, current awareness, comraderie, and buying and selling. To see what we do, click here.
This site seems pretty spare. Where's all the action?
TMUG's internet presence is split into two complementary parts of which this web site is one. The other part is our TMUG Forum, an internet-accessible "bulletin board" where members and guests can ask questions, post information, and participate in discussions.

Things change daily on the Forum, whereas this web site changes perhaps every month or two. So most of the "action" is over on the Forum. The Forum currently has over 1000 discussion threads.

Here is a further description of the Forum. If you want to see what the Forum looks like, click here. Be sure to click on the help-file forum (the first forum name listed at the top of the page that appears).
Where can I find a member directory with email addresses?
Because of the spam problem, we do not publish email addresses. Of course, you can share your address with other attendees at meetings and many do so.

The Forum has a members-only directory that contains Forum user names and Forum user IDs. To view the Forum's member directory, click "Who's online" at the top of a Forum page. The page that appears has at the top a line that starts "Home: Who's Online". Click on the "(View Member Directory)" link that appears at the end of this line.

Registered Forum users can send private messages on the Forum to other Forum users. The Forum notifies recipients of these messages that private messages are waiting to be read on the Forum. To access the private-messaging system, click "Messages" at the top of any Forum page.

Note that many members use a pseudonym on the Forum and not their real name, so you may still have to hook up with them at a meeting or through a third party to get their contact information.

How do I sign up for the members' area of the Forum?
First become a TMUG member. Then access the Forum. In the second line of the greeting message that appears, click on "Sign up here!" and follow the directions that appear.
Are my posts in the members' area of the Forum viewable by non-members?
Posts in the members' area are visible only to other TMUG members who have registered on the Forum.
If I register with the Forum with my real email address, can someone use that information to send me spam?
Your real email address will only be used by the Forum software to send private-message notifications and your forum subscriptions to you. No one other than you can see your real email address. So they can't harvest your email address to send you spam.
How can I keep up to date with Forum posts without having to log in every day?
(This procedure only works if you have registered on the Forum.)

In the Forum, click on "Edit Profile" at upper left. In the page that appears, click on "Subscriptions" and check the names of the forums that you wish to keep track of. After you have finished with the checkboxes, you must click "Subscribe/Unsubscribe" at the lower right corner to make your choices effective,

After you subscribe to a forum, the Forum will send you email up to three times a day of all new posts in that forum.

How do I tell the Forum that I don't want to read all the new posts (the ones whose document icons are highlighted in yellow)?
Scroll to the bottom of a page listing post topics. In the LEGEND box at left, you will see a New Post line that ends with a link that reads "Mark all read". Click this link and all remaining unread posts will turn into already-read posts.
What parts of the TMUG web site are available only to members?
The only part of TMUG's internet site that is restricted to members is the members-only ("Menber-to-Member") section of the Forum.
I want to post to the Forum, but my post could fit under several of your predefined topic areas. How do I choose which topic area to use?
We recognize that there is a lot of overlap in topic areas. Just post in the topic area that you think is best. Most readers visit the Forum in their browsers fairly often and they will read your post then, if not before.
I don't have the installation disks for some software that I want. Will you or one of your consultants install it for me anyway?
TMUG respects licensing agreements of software. Our group per se does not install or support computers or software. Our listed consultants will only install and support properly licensed software.

If you legitimately own a piece of software and are simply having media issues, we may be able to assist you directly or assist you in contacting the software provider.