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September 18, 2019 Meeting at Banner University Medical Center, 1501 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ
* 6 - 7 PM - Combined "Ask the Experts" Session – Includes any topic of interest to newer users; Duval Auditorium.  * 7 - 9 PM - Program topics: Tech & Security Updates, Apple "September 10th Event" Highlights, & Bonus Tips TBA; Duval Auditorium.  Click on header above for additional details.  Also click on the header above to see our special raffle item for the month.  And as always, we conclude with a raffle of handy Apple-related items.

Tucson Macintosh Users Group

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This web site is dedicated to the memory of Dennis M. Ladwig, our first webmaster. Denny worked with the Internet early on at the Office of Naval Intelligence. After retiring to Tucson, he joined TMUG and, with the help of his wife, Lois, dragged us kicking and screaming out of the dial-up BBS era and onto the web. Most all of the design elements of the current TMUG web site and the TMUG Forum were established under his guidance.

Denny died unexpectedly on September 22, 2003. He is fondly remembered in TMUG, and many of us miss his guidance and expertise, his willingness to speak out against bad ideas, and his drive to adopt methods and programs that would make TMUG a better group in the Internet age.
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TMUG Activities
Because of how we were founded, we still call our group a Macintosh users group, but in reality, we are an Apple users group. TMUG's emphasis is the use and care of Apple hardware, software, accessories, and services to access and employ worldwide information resources over the Internet.

Our members span all levels of experience and expertise. There are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and helpful computer professionals in TMUG as well as a much larger number of beginning and intermediate Mac and iOS users. We are all quite interested in learning more about our Apple products and how to use them well. If you share this interest, we invite you to join us.

We spend most of our energy on activities, programs, and resources for beginning and intermediate Mac and iOS users. Because we can draw on a high level of member expertise, there are few questions that will stump everyone in TMUG. Click here for more details on TMUG activities.

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Best Browsers to Use for this Site
This site uses the latest web standards, and it will display best on recent-vintage, standards-compliant browsers. The browsers we recommend are: Other browsers may work well (for example, Google's Chrome). We haven't had time to check them yet. The important thing is that they should be compliant with current W3C XHTML and CSS standards (see the W3C links at the bottom of every page on this site).
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TMUG's Mission
Tucson Macintosh Users Group is a non-profit educational organization based in Tucson, Arizona. Our mission is to help our members to learn about personal computers, portable computing devices, and the Internet with particular emphasis on the use and care of Apple, Inc. products.
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TMUG's History
TMUG traces its roots back to early 1984 and the original Tucson Apple Core ("TAC"), an Apple II user group. When the Macintosh was introduced in 1984, it seemed natural to expand TAC's purview to include the Mac. In January of 1994, we spun out of TAC into a separate, Mac-only group.

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TMUG Governance
TMUG is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors ("BoD"). We have five elected officers who sit on the BoD as voting members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member Advocate (ombudsman). Elections are held each year in January.

Also sitting on the BoD are appointed, non-voting members who are in charge of various TMUG activities. The purview of these non-voting members changes from time to time as necessary to meet the needs of the group. Currently, non-voting BoD members are in charge of Programs, TMUG Internet Presence, Training and Education, Membership, and Publicity. Many previous BoD members also continue to attend BoD meetings and continue to offer us their expertise.

Although we have formal procedures in place for voting and resolving disputes, it is part of our community's tradition to make all decisions by consensus. We are pleased that we have never had to resort to our formal procedures to come to a decision.

All BoD meetings are open; click for details. Interested members and observers are invited to attend.

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History and Evolution of this Web Site
Our first webmaster, Denny Ladwig, put the first TMUG web site on the net early in 1997. Its design reflected the available technology of the time. Browsers were primitive and standards were almost non-existent. Consequently, the site design had to be very simple.

Over the next four years, some decent web standards were developed, but few webmasters paid them any attention because standards support in browsers was so poor. Although the visual design of TMUG's site became more sophisticated, it still used the same outdated web technology. Formatting was done via marked-up tables, resulting in an almost unmaintainable rat's nest of code.

After Denny died in 2003, because we had no replacement webmaster, little work was done on the site for almost two years. However, in Spring of 2005, it was becoming painfully apparent that many things we wanted to do could not be done without a complete rewrite of the site. Fortuitously, Zack Williams was involved at that time in the design of a site for his business, and he convinced several of us that web technology and standards had developed sufficiently that a rewrite would be feasible with the volunteers we had on hand. A new volunteer offered to be webmaster, and after a multi-month, multi-person effort, the first iteration on a new site for TMUG resulted.

Design goals for the rewritten site included:
  • Making the site simpler to use and more visually appealing, something not easily possible with previous technology.
  • Strict compliance with modern web standards.
  • Making the site more friendly to the visually impaired.
  • Making the site more friendly to search engines (e.g., not hiding content behind Javascripts).
  • Use of modern site-programming techniques to aid maintainability.
Like all good web sites, this site will continue to evolve.
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As with most things in TMUG, this site is the work of a number of collaborators. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of:
  • Jerry Cederquist
  • Zack Williams
  • Curt Blanchard
  • Ridge Prevost
  • Joyce Hardin
  • Tony Ewing
  • Bob Wood
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